The city-state of Singapore consists of 63 islands, with Pulau Ujong being the biggest, and is located at the very southern tip of Malaysia. Singapore is a fiercely independent country that ranks 5th on the UN Human Development Index and has the 3rd highest GDP per capita, with a globe-leading technology sector, and a commitment to green and eco development policies.

At just 719 sq km (278 sq mile) with a population of 5.6 million, people often ask, how can the cycling in Singapore actually be good? With a commitment to creating a “garden city” Singapore has seen 10% of its entire landmass set aside for nature reserves. This means cycling Singapore is a mixture of urban and park landscapes that will bring you through the multicultural tapestry via elaborate parks, botanical gardens, and urban green spaces. The cultural landscape of Singapore is wonderfully eclectic and fully on display in its many ethnic neighborhoods, including Little India, Chinatown, the Arab Quarter, and the old Colonial District. Because of its small geographic size, all these neighborhoods are best explored by bicycle rather than by car or tour bus; on a bike, you can cram a lot of unique culture into a relatively small amount of time.

Singapore being somewhat centrally located in Southeast Asia, you will find many tours either beginning or ending in the city-state. If you’re traveling with a family, Singapore will shine; the clean and safe city boasts major attractions (including a Universal Studios theme park!) to keep the kids more than happy. Most of Singapore is connected to green space and pathways; cycling around this bustling financial and shipping hub is more enjoyable than one might expect. So whether it be a part of a bigger trip, or just a stop over, cycling Singapore is an enjoyably diverse and safe experience for the whole family.

Best Seasons:Feb - Oct
Popular Locations:Gardens by the bay, Chinatown, Botanical gardens, Little India