Beaches, unusual native animals and fantastic wine would be the first things that come to mind when thinking of Australia. But this massive country is so much more than that. The diversity of landscapes is astounding, with huge deserts, tropical rain-forests and glorious mountain ranges calling out to every intrepid explorer. It’s little wonder that cyclists love getting out for a ride in this unique land.

None more so than in the often forgotten southern island of Tasmania. While big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are awash with tourists, this little island flies under the radar. However, the island’s cooler climate and smaller scale means it’s a dream for cycling tours that can pack so much more in.

You can choose to follow the tourist route on a gentler bike tour along Tasmania’s east coast where it is all about the hidden beaches, pretty bays and hidden coves. Or if gnarly challenges are what gets your blood pumping, then head on a mountain bike tour on Tasmania’s untamed west coast - rated as the second best cycling region in the world.

Outside of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia are considered the best states for cycling in Australia due to their investment in infrastructure such as routes and trails. And there is no shortage to sink your tires into.

Victoria boasts the astounding Murray to Mountains Rail Trail - a 100 km (62 mi) sealed off-road route that winds its way through the Ovens Valley. It’s a must-do bicycle tour that introduces you to the Victorian alpine region and allows you to revel in the mountain scenery, the cute hidden valleys and the gourmet delights.

But, of course, no cycling tour can be considered a real tour without quaffing some excellent Australian wines and there is no better place to do this than South Australia - home to the Barossa, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions where you can embark on multi-day rides which are a sheer delight for your eyes, ears and taste buds.

Australia’s sheer diversity is a klaxon call for any true cyclist and the intoxicating combination of beaches, mountains, wine and so much more makes it is an absolute must-ride destination.

Best Seasons:Oct - May
Popular Locations:Tasmania’s West Coast, Adelaide's Vineyards, Victoria's Murray to Mountains Trail, Wineglass Bay