Iceland’s tricky terrains - volcanic rock, black sands, snowfields and much more - demand bikes built for the occasion. Enter fat bikes. Fully kitted up you will be ready to lose yourself in the wondrous landscapes of the Reykjanes Peninsula. This spectacular location is brimming with moss-covered lava fields, hidden bubbling geothermal mud pools, and deep craters.

It makes for epic riding as you feel the fresh breeze on your face and follow twisting lava trails. The peninsula is located on a drift zone between two continents, the North America plate and the Eurasian plate, meaning there is a unique opportunity to traverse a bridge between the two near Sandvik.

And that is not all Reykjanes offers. The distinct smell of sulfur, plus the puff of steam and boiling water means you are inching closer to the intriguing geothermal area of Gunnuhuver, while Krýsuvík’s spectacular rock formations, emerald-green lakes will leave a lasting impression.

If that is not enough, one of Iceland’s most famous landmarks, the Blue Lagoon, calls this spot home. After a hard day’s riding, a soak in these life-affirming geothermal pools packed full of minerals is precisely what your body will be craving.

Beautiful Iceland

Explore the diverse and dramatic scenery of an unspoiled gem

But don’t rest too long, because to really sample the breadth of beauty on offer this close to the Arctic Circle you have to head into the mountains for some heli-biking. Dropped off by a helicopter into a blanket of crystal white snow, this is your new playground. Bar the crunch of your tires and panting, you can hear a pin drop while only a bird or fox can be spotted out here.

Given this utterly astounding natural beauty, it is little wonder that Iceland is home to so many literary masterminds, musicians, wonderful artists, and such warm friendly locals. Inspiration in this wonderful country is provided tap, but of course, the Northern Lights are a major draw here and rightly so. These celestial wonders dance across the sky, painting them green from September to mid-April, and the further remote you go the better to witness this beautiful event. It is a stunning way to round off any trip to this simply magical country.

Best Seasons:June - August
Popular Locations:Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, Reykjavík