Many cycle tours will include more activities than just cycling, striving to provide the best and most memorable experience for those who seek it. When exploring a new country it’s hard to stick to one activity when there’s so much to experience; try off the bike food and wine tours, or a walking history tour, perhaps some white water river rafting or zip lining! No matter how good the riding is there is always more to do when traveling.

While cycling through the city, there are numerous off-bike activities that can make your trip more memorable. Museum tours, food tours, night markets, history tours, culture crawls, the list goes on and on once you dismount and begin to explore. Many tour operators will include some of these great off-bike activities throughout your tour to help make the ride more exciting once you get into the urban centers.

Outside the cities and urban centers tour operators like to make the most out of the landscapes and the natural environment, and sometimes that means stepping off the bike. Why not take a rafting tour in France, or hike to the top of a mountain in Spain, or take a jet boat tour of the Mekong River delta in Vietnam? There’s plenty of options to keep you occupied off the bike.

Take a look at the options you get from your tour operator; multi-activity rides vary in skill level and commitment. Often, all the activities will be family friendly in nature, and not too demanding, but it’s still best to check with the operator if you feel at all reluctant to participate. Off-bike activities give you a chance to recharge your legs while experiencing more of the country, making for a truly memorable bike tour.

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