Known as the most romantic country in the world, France is a diverse country where centuries of independent traditions have shaped one unique landscape. One could explore the rugged cliffs along the English Channel and the rolling meadows of Loire Valley or the high mountain passes of the Pyrenees and the fine wines of Bordeaux - all fall within the shadows of both the mighty Alps and the iconic Eiffel Tower. France is, without a doubt, a cyclist’s dream.

Home to the Tour De France, France is the world's top cycling destination. In fact, it is the world’s top tourist destination, period. Equal parts urban and countryside, flat farmlands and high alpine passes, modern and traditional, to explore France is to have an enchanting experience; it may take you a few visits before you feel fully satisfied. Booking a cycle tour will help you find the path of most enjoyment through France, as you sample gastronomical pleasures whilst following in the tire tracks of your favorite Tour de France stage. Few countries rival the quality of experience that France can provide as it sets the benchmark for modern tourism.

France is undeniably the most romantic country in the world, where quaint cafes on busy streets make way to meandering country roads in picturesque farmlands. Rarely will you come into a country that celebrates its influence in art and culture as much as do the people of France. The Louvre in Paris is the world's most visited museum, where works of art like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa sit prominently on display. Very few countries have inspired the creative arts with global impact like France - from the artistic movement of Impressionism to the architectural influence of the Arc de Triomphe, the cultural impact of France is undeniable.

To fit all of France into one trip is near impossible. Reducing France to a region, a meal, an activity, and a museum does make it easier to comprehend, but the limitless experiences you can have whilst cycling France merit returning often. But hey, who wouldn’t want to spend more time in France?

Best Seasons:Apr - Jun, Sep - Oct
Popular Locations:Loire Valley, Alps, Cote D'azur