As one of the world’s more far flung continents, Oceania’s relatively untouched lands are often overlooked as a hotspot for cyclists. But to ignore the likes of Australia and New Zealand in particular would be to do this magnificent area a disservice. 

Stereotypically painted as a land packed full of deadly animals, it will come as no surprise that the routes for cyclists through Australia are for those with a hardy sense of adventure. 

While cities such as Melbourne and Sydney dazzle with bright lights, the barren beauty of Nullarbor Plain attracts cyclists keen for a challenging ride. Abandoned gold mining towns point to a fascinating recent history that is sure to intrigue you along the way.

Road cyclists can rejoice on the numerous switchbacks encountered on the Great Ocean Road, while the vineyards of Adelaide offers up some of the world’s finest wines to enjoy after a day of pedalling.

Australia’s islands such as Tasmania also cannot be ignored; here can be found some excellent riding. A full multi-day circuit will serve up a treat of gorgeous beaches, vineyards and the enchanting wild western forests.

And this is just the beginning of Australia. Throw into Oceania’s magnificent melting pot the scenery of New Zealand and things really begin to crank up.

The Kiwis are renowned for their love of sports and sense of adventure and it is no different with cycling. Both the North and South Island are jam-packed with superb routes for the keen rider, which will lead you past a multitude of wonderful sights.

New Zealand’s list of natural wonders is incredible. Hot beaches, glaciers, underground caves filled with glow-worms, gorgeous never-ending landscapes, serene lakes and so much more. This country is a true cyclist’s dream.

Between the pair of Australia and New Zealand there is enough to keep any keen cyclist satisfied. Mountains, scenery, wine, immense nothingness, beaches, caves and seemingly never-ending roads. The contrasts are so vast. Hopping on the saddle is the easy part.

Best Seasons:Sep-Jun
Popular Locations:Great Ocean Road, Queenstown, Tasmania’s East Coast, Nullarbor Plain


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