Loud, brash, equal parts busy and serene, India is home to one of the world's largest populations living amongst a compelling mixture of landscapes. Here you will find one of the oldest continuous populations in the world, where cultures and traditions have steeped for thousands of years, leaving behind a myriad significant sights to explore. From the Himalayas in the north, across the great plains, and down to the sun-drenched southern tip, India feels more like a continent than it does a country.

With all its recent economic advancements India is still a country of stark contrasts; the disparity between the classes can be overwhelming. This also means that the riding conditions in India can rapidly change, as you will see an abundance of wealth reflected in the smooth tarmac, clean countrysides, and elaborate palaces of regions like Rajasthan, significantly different from the washed-out gravel mountain passes, roadside hut villages, and rice paddies of Sikkim in the north. India will challenge those travelers who forget that despite all of its overcrowded cities, poverty, and materialistic drive, it can also be a place of complete and total serenity. The riding can vary in intensity depending on where you are touring; the mountain regions can contain some of the most challenging rides for the most seasoned riders, while the flatter plains and interior highlands are a place where casual riding is suited to all members of the family.

Once you surrender to the the sweet smells of Indian spice and give yourself to the enchanting views, India becomes an intoxicating place for any cycle tourist. The busy markets become a place to get lost hunting for street food, the mountains become a place of spiritual refuge, and the warm waters become a place of cleansing. Be prepared to trek for tigers just outside Delhi, spot red pandas in the forests of Sikkim, and scan the mountainsides in the Himalayas for the elusive snow leopard, all from the seat of your bike. Indulge in the food that inspired the spice trade while taking part in a one of a kind festival. Just remember it is impossible to truly know India without returning again and again.

Popular Locations:SIkkim, Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park, Mumbai markets